Monday, October 24, 2005


By Stockton

Ohio War Veteran Running for Senate

By DAN SEWELL, Associated Press Writer Mon Oct 24, 2:54 PM ET

CINCINNATI - Paul Hackett, the Democratic veteran of the Iraq war who narrowly lost a special election in a heavily Republican congressional district in August, made his official entry into a U.S. Senate race Monday.

The conservative base of the Republican Party is outraged that Hackett is running for office. Some have even called for the imposition of treason charges against the former military man.

"It's a said day in America when a man like this can run for public office," said one anonymous Republican. "Where was this man Hackett when his country needed him?"

Others agree. Stewart Pinckney, a Republican activist had harsh words for Hackett. "Here's an alleged American who wants to be a senator. Yet, where was he when Cindy Sheehan beseiged the President in Crawford, Texas? Where was he when Democrats gave aid and comfort to the terrorists during the Republican Convention? Where was he when Massachusetts decided to make man-on-dog sex legal? He was in Iraq, with his tail between his legs, not on the front lines with us!"

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