Thursday, August 25, 2005


By Stockton

Supporters of President Bush and the Iraqi War have decided to go beyond the heroic purchase of magnetic car ribbons and have mobilized. Mobilized for what? Mobilized to protest the protesters outside of Crawford, Texas, the brush capital of America (Crawford's slogan is, "W cuts Brush so you don't have to!").

Dedicated supporters of the Iraq War have driven from all across the United States (many have driven by three, four and even five military recruitment centers) to show their support for the President's policy.

Terry Harrigan, a 19-year old college sophomore is one such supporter. "I thought long and hard about this decision," says the able-bodied conservative. "I could join up and fight in Iraq or I could go where it really matters. I support our troops, just look at my car. I have two ribbons which means I support our troops twice as much as most people. But the President needs me here."

Others have struggled with the same decision. Jim Hammond's parents begged him not to sign up for duty in Crawford. Jim's older brother had done the same earlier this summer and came home with a terrible case of diarrhea, known as the Crawford Curse. But Jim felt he had to do his duty. "Major operations are over in Iraq," said Hammond. "Anyone can enlist in the Marines. How many have the guts and dedication to face Cindy Sheehan? I'm staying right here. At least until we have our kegger the weekend before classes start."

Those are just two tales of bravery and dedication. There are hundreds of others now in Crawford, risking mosquito bites, sand-mite infestations and bad sun burns.

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