Friday, March 18, 2005


By Stockton

Following in the grand tradition of Reality Television, ABC has announced the gem in its Fall Lineup: The New Odd Couple.

A down on his luck former child actor needs a place to stay. A down on his luck former athlete needs a roommate to make ends meet. Can they survive without killing each other? Tune in to the New Odd Couple.

Starring O.J. Simpson

And Robert Blake

Tune in for Episode One, "The Blind Date"

Depressed over losing his handgun, Bobby is cheered-up when O.J. surprises him with a brand new, untraceable, Smith & Wesson. Touched by the gift, Bobby gives OJ a complete set of Dexter Russell Professional Cutlery. Then, the boys set out for a blind date with Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton. Hilarity ensues. Will the girls ever be seen again? Will anyone care? Tune in on Thursday nights, immediately following Unsolved Mysteries.

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