Tuesday, February 22, 2005


By Tweed

The creator and sole practitioner of the art of Gonzo Journalism has gone out with a bang - literally. Using one of his many firearms, Hunter S. Thompson killed himself Sunday by shooting himself. I'd say it was 50/50 he was high on something at the time.

We at Bad Vernacular mourn the loss of one of America's greatest paranoid, drug taking, gun loving bad boy social critics ever. A legend in his own time, Thompson's fear and loathing of America and participatory journalism often produced remarkably insightful commentary on America, its politicians and some of its social phenomena. And, unlike George W. Bush's secret drug taking, Hunter Thompson's long affair with drugs certainly created the justification for some mixed up youth to start popping pills - not that I have any personal experience in any of this mind you.

Thompson's death, in my mind, marks the end of an era. Perhaps he saw it that way too. I haven't a clue as to why Thompson killed himself - or whether it was legal for him to do so (note to self: contact former Attorney General Ashcroft about getting Thompson's corpse arrested) - and I won't venture any guesses.

I just hope that in our remembrance of him, we won't limit ourselves to his book about a drug infested visit to sin city. Remember instead the Thompson drug infested coverage of the presidential elections, and his in-depth pieces on events and social issues.

For those of you unaware of Thompson's skills as a journalist and social commentator, I recommend starting at the beginning: The Great Shark Hunt.

Good bye, Dr. Thompson.

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