Tuesday, February 08, 2005


By Stockton

White House: Bush Unaware of Steroid Abuse
Mon Feb 7, 2005

WASHINGTON - President Bush was not aware of any steroid use by Texas Rangers players while he was a team executive, the White House said Monday.

In his upcoming book, Jose Canseco said he introduced Rafael Palmeiro, Ivan Rodriguez and Juan Gonzalez to steroids after being traded to Texas in 1992, the New York Daily News reported. Canseco said Bush, the Rangers' managing partner at the time, must have known about the drugs.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan said he spoke to Bush about alleged steroid use.

"If there was, he was not aware of it at the time," McClellan said.

McClellan went on to say that: "The President received constant reports about player behavior while he was Managing Partner of the Texas Rangers. Steroid use was not mentioned in those reports. This was an intelligence failure. Everyone believed the Rangers were steroid-free. France believed it, Germany believed. Even Senator Kerry."

McClellan went on to say that President Bush did witness needle use while visiting the clubhouse on numerous occasions. However, "Pudge Rodriguez told me that the fellas just had a bout of 24-hour diabetes."

Bush evades questions on steroids
and instead asks reporters to "pull
my finger."

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