Sunday, January 16, 2005


The Editors of Bad Vernacular want to thank everyone that has linked to BV or mentioned BV in a post (or both). We've been up and running for two weeks now and things are going well. According to our site meter, over 7 people have visited. Also, there have been no law suits or restraining orders. That's what we call success.

So, here's some payback.

First, Steve over at Distance. He's always been a big advocate of our body of work. He does good things at Distance: a serious review of how to renew the Democratic Party and great work on the Jaw-Juh scene also.

Then, there's Jen at Good Intentions. She's smart, funny and we would marry her if she wasn't so uppity and opinionated. Also, did you know she looks like Kate Beckinsale, but with Jennifer Garner's hair?

Rusty, the Radical Georgia Moderate. He's always got a wise-ass comment or two on anything the Bushies try to pull. We also believe he may have been in Romania as little as nine months ago.

For great writing at a quality blog, you can always count on The Tally Ho!

If harsh critiques of the current Junta are more your fare, Damfa is a good place to start.

Mae at Politics 101 will keep you up to speed on the Georgia scene with sharp, witty comments. She actually looks like Jennifer Garner with Kate Beckinsale's hair. Ironic, huh?

Justin, at Blog-Underground does great work promoting the 'small' but quality blogs.

Mark, at Dispassionate Liberal, has a good blog and does great work on the Bush tort reform plans, or as we like to say, No Corporation Left Behind. The Dems should take notice of how Mark has framed the tort reform issue.

Ricky is still on top of things over at Timshel. That's some good, Cajun blogging he got going on. And the folks at Blue Grass Roots, thanks for your support and boy, you really attract some wingnuts. You must be doing something right.

Then there's Elwood at Windy City Blues. Nice to find another Blue Stater around these parts.

Also, the American Street. We weren't familiar with that site until they mentioned us in a post. We highly recommend you check them out.

Finally, thanks go out to Garrett at Sparkgrass and to Iskra for linking to us.

There's some real good writing and observations going on at the smaller blogs and those named above deserve greater attention. The big blogs (Atrios, Kos) are fine. But some of the better writing and ideas are coming from out of the way corners of the blogosphere.

That's it for the ass kissing. Time to get back and hammer Bush and the wingnuts.

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