Thursday, January 13, 2005


By Stockton

Once again it's time to do a fair but savage Red State/Blue State comparison just filled with biased facts.

As everyone in the mainstream media to the blogosphere knows, Red States (or flyover country) comprise the real America. Red States are filled with hardworking, church-going, salt of the earth, patriotic family-values citizens. Red is the heart of America.

Blue States are filled with socialist,welfare grabbing, libertines that hate America. The coasts are bookends and Real America is in the middle.

So now we visit our good friends, Mississippi (the Reddest of Red) and Massachusetts (the Bluest of Blue).

As you might remember, months before DailyKos mentioned the fact that Mississippi has twice the divorce rate of Massachusetts, that fact was posted at LB in '04. Here again are some more of those pesky, biased, facts.

Teen Births per 1,000

Mississippi - 64.7
Massachusetts - 23.4
National - 43

Gonorrhea Cases per 100,000

Mississippi - Males 194.7 Females 285.6
Massachusetts - Males 54.4 Females 48.0

Births Financed by Medicaid

Mississippi - 53.7%
Massachusetts - 24.2%

And that's one to grow on!

These biased facts, and more, can be found here.

Fun Facts About Mississippi

Despite the above, Mississippi does lead the nation in many positive categories:

States with the letter 'S' in the name - #1;
States with the letter 'P' in the name - #1;
States whose abbreviation is the same as Multiple Sclerosis - #1;
State with the most patriotic, church-going, gonorrhea infected people who use Medicaid to have kids - #1.

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