Saturday, January 22, 2005


By Stockton

In addition to long lines and an as-yet untried electoral process, the lack of any paper trail worries many Iraqi voters as they head to the polls.

"How are they going to know?" asked Tariq Ibrahim. "How will my family identify my body if I'm blown up?"

Many Iraqi's are improvising, sewing their name into their underwear or making out their own toe-tags. "I've done both," said Khamil Barzi. "I want people to know it was my corpse that voted for some anonymous candidate who has no platform and gives no speeches."

The entire anonymous slate of candidates is urging Iraqi's to be brave and to put Iraqi-style Democracy over their own petty concerns for safety.

"We need voters almost as much as we need candidates," said Candidate 12-B2, from the -----Party. "Iraqi's will have to step up to the hazik and take a cuneo at the jakil. You don't see me running scared!"

Candidate 12-B2 and his running
mate urge Iraqi's to get out to the qariffs
and vote

Iraqi electoral officials had planned on manning each polling station with a "corpse-identifier". Those workers have all been killed.

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