Saturday, January 01, 2005


Bad Vernacular was designed for use by adults as well as school age children. Adults will enjoy the thoughtful analysis that is the hallmark of all Stockton & Tweed products. Simultaneously, Bad Vernacular sets forth ideas and issues perfect for discussion around the dinner table, school room or behind the dumpster in the faculty parking lot. The material is suitable for children ages 4 and up.

For instance, Bad Vernacular will examine such events as Time Magazine's naming President Bush, 'Man of the Year'. The Magazine's cover will provide a wonderful opening for discussion between you and your children. Does little Tommy think we're fucked? How about little Sally? By incorporating Bad Vernacular into your family life, your children's knowledge of the world and their vocabulary will increase. Teachers are also welcome to incorporate Bad Vernacular into their teaching cirriculum.

Bad Vernacular, like Gaul, is divided into three departments; our Main Page, Republican Family Values and Dispatches from Jesusland (the Departments are further subdivided into counties and villages). Other Departments may be added in the future.

Main Page

The Main Page will feature hard-hitting, serious investgative journalism covering the events important to you and your family. The Main Page will be updated approximately twice a week, depending upon our community service schedule and meetings with our parole officer.

On the Main Page, to the right, you will find our policies. For safety reasons, we advise you to review the policies. Safety always comes first at Bad Vernacular.

Republican Family Values

Republican Family Values (or RFV) will chronicle the hypocrisy of our friends on the Right. RFV will primarliy consist of articles and links detailing such things as Rush's drug habit, Bill O'Reilly's sexual harrassment of a co-worker...things of that sort. Commentary may be limited but feel free to use the posts as ammunition against the hypocritical Right. We will add to RFV periodically.

Dispatches from Jesusland

Dispatches from Jesusland (or DFJ) will chronicle the whacky world of those living behind the Red Curtain. Posts will include news items and occasional commentary. DFJ will be updated periodically.

Link Policy

Like Lickin' Bush in '04, Bad Vernacular will have a very discriminating link policy. A proposed link will be fully vetted by the Editors, including background and credit checks. Once we are satisfied and that blog has linked to Bad Vernacular, a round table discussion will be held, a vote taken and a decision issued. Once the written decision is filed and served, the proposed link will have thirty days in which to appeal an adverse decision.

Bad Vernacular will update as time allows and we expect BV, like a goiter or malignant tumor, to evolve over time.

Have fun, leave comments or suggestions. We'll waste no time in reading them.


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