Wednesday, January 26, 2005


By Stockton

Psychologist, therapist and former Kinsey sex researcher Tripp—author of the 1975 classic The Homosexual Matrix—died in May 2003 at the age of 83, just after completing this riveting new study that makes a surprisingly compelling case for Lincoln's bisexuality. Tripp merges a sexual psychologist's knowledge with a prosecutor's eye for evidence as he scrutinizes letters, diaries and oral histories gathered by early Lincoln researchers. Seeing what others either could not or would not, Tripp itemizes in telling detail three homosexual liaisons from different stages of Lincoln's life. The first involved young Billy Green, a frequent bunk mate in New Salem during the 1830s. The second was a passionate union with the aristocratic Kentuckian, and Lincoln's lifelong friend, Joshua Speed in Springfield, Ill., during the 1840s (Tripp notes, refuting others' arguments, that poverty did not necessitate their long-term sharing of a bed). The last involved Capt. David V. Derickson, President Lincoln's bodyguard and intimate companion between September 1862 and April 1863; it is documented that the president shared his bed with him on numerous occasions during Mary Lincoln's frequent absences.

Here's and excerpt:

"As the War of Unprovoked Northern Aggression waged on, Secretary of State Seward could see the toll it took on his friend Lincoln. He moved behind the seated President and placed his hands on Abe's shoulders.

"You are so tense," said Seward, as he rubbed Lincoln's shoulders. How about a nice warm bath and a massage."

"That be nice," replied the President, "but I'm working on this proclamation...oh...yes...right there. You have fabulous hands, Mr. Secretary."

"Thank you Abe."

Slowly, Seward worked his way down...."

Personally, I could care less if Lincoln was gay, bi-sexual or straight. Still, wouldn't it be ironic if the South was whipped by a gay man?

One last piece of circumstantial evidence pointing to Lincoln's alleged homosexuality:

Mary Todd Lincoln

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